GBOH Properties - Interactive NH Map

NHSEA's Green Buildings Open House Tour, October 5, 2013, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The Interactive map below shows the locations of all the properties that are on the tour.

Note 8/28/2013 : This is only a partial list at this time. Check back here for updates as the Hosts of the properties update their property information and sign up to offer tours of their properties.

The green markers show the location of each property. Click on the marker to see more information about that property. If you are interested in further detail, click on the property name to be taken to that Property's page.

Filtered Interactive Map

If you would like to filter the properties on this interactive map, please see our Filtered Interactive Map page. You can specify exactly what types of properties you want to see on the map.

Please note that, while most of the markers on this map do show the exact location of the properties, not all of them are 100% accurate for driving directions. If you are interested in visiting a Property be sure to visit the detail page and get driving directions if provided. If a map appears at the bottom of the detail page, the map based directions are accurate.

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