Regional Issues Series: The Energy Challenge in the Monadnock Region

Almost every day, we are swamped with information about which energy projects we should support, or not
support. Would any of them lower prices for me, or my business? How are we supposed to figure that out?
Aren’t we part of a New England grid? And what is that? Fingers are pointed in several directions. Traditional
production facilities are being sold, or taken off line. Demand continues to increase. Solar may be an option,
but is it a solution? Wind may be an option, but is it a solution? And maybe I don’t want any of this stuff in
my back yard? Are we doing enough around energy efficiency? What’s all this talk about compressed natural
gas? And what’s net metering? How does any of this connect to economic development?
At this session, we’ll try to unwind and unpack some of these questions – only a few of the questions asked
nearly every day about this very complex issue. Come to listen and learn. And bring your questions!
There is no cost to attend this event, and it’s open to both Chamber members and “not yet members.” For
planning and logistics purposes, we would appreciate an RSVP by March 20th – please email us at with “Issues Series” in the subject line, or call us at 603-352-1303.
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 7:30pm
Centennial Hall, Alumni Center, Keene State College NH

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