2017 Energy Legislation in NH

The following bills in the New Hampshire Legislature are ones of interest to NHSEA and its members.

Click on the Title of the Bill for more details about that bill.

Bill Title (Click Title for Details) Bill Numbersort descending Bill Status at General Court website NHSEA Position
An act establishing a road useage fee HB 621-FN Bill Status
HB111: Relative to the recovery of stranded costs on certain purchased power agreements HB111 Bill Status
HB114: Relative to minimum electric renewable portfolio standards HB114 Bill Status
HB141: Relative to Electric Renewable Energy Classes HB141 Bill Status
HB145: Requiring municipal approval for siting high voltage transmission lines HB145 Bill Status
HB146: Relative to the definition of energy cost saving measure and relative to energy performance contracting HB146 Bill Status
HB179: Relative to financing the construction of high pressure gas pipelines HB179 Bill Status
HB198: Relative to the qualifications for the position of consumer advocate HB198 Bill Status
HB199: Relative to including hydroelectric in renewable energy classes HB199 Bill Status
HB225: Repealing the Electric Renewable Portfolio Standard HB225 Bill Status
HB317: Prohibiting the PUC from increasing the system benefits charge without legislative approval HB317 Bill Status
HB337: Relative to municipal regulations of small wind energy systems HB337 Bill Status
HB344: Relative to access for low income ratepayers to renewable energy incentives and benefits HB344 Bill Status
HB352: Relative to the Energy Efficiency Fund HB352 Bill Status
HB401: Relative to the implementation of the recommendations of grid modernization HB401 Bill Status
Relative to the rules of the site evaluation committee HB462
HB493: Relative to evaluating the public interest of gas pipeline capacity contracts HB493 Bill Status
HB518: eliminating the cap on net metering HB518 Bill Status
HB535: Relative to community net metering HB535 Bill Status
HB569: Requiring the reimbursement of dedicated funds transferred for other purposes HB569 Bill Status


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