About Us


NHSEA's mission is to strengthen New Hampshire’s economy and conserve natural resources by promoting a transition to clean, efficient, and renewable energy. NHSEA sees a future for NH that empowers the people of our state to generate, use, and benefit, both economically and environmentally, from, renewable energy and maximum efficiency. Together we can work to reduce our energy consumption, save money, and create a healthier state. 

Bylaws: Revised Bylaws (PDF 120K) were approved and adopted by the board of directors as of September 3, 2014.


Contact NHSEA

NH Sustainable Energy Association
54 Portsmouth Street
Concord, NH 03301
Tel: (603) 22-NHSEA (226-4732)


Kate Epsen
Executive Director

Brianna Brand
Program Director

Website administration
email: admin@nhsea.org


NHSEA Board of Directors

Kate Epsen, Member
Ted Vansant, President
Wes Golomb, Member
Charlie Niebling, Member
Jeff Haydock, Treasurer
Susan Geiger, Esq., Secretary
Kevin Porter, Member
Jack Ruderman, Member
Terry O'Kane, Member
Marni Hoyle, Member
Sherrie Trefry, Member

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