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March 4th 2015, CONCORD — An independent economic study released today by the New Hampshire Clean Tech Council (NHCTC) shows that the New Hampshire cleantech sector accounts for a significant and growing share of New Hampshire’s economy with substantial growth potential in the near future.

Download the full report HERE





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Governor Hassan Signs Net Metering Bill into Law - 50 MW cap now raised to 100 MW. Read about it here. 

WMUR's Fred Kocher and Harold Turner discuss Net Metering in NH.

Group Net Metering Guide PDF

New NHSEA Release

NHSEA has developed a "Guide to Community Energy and Group Net Metering."

This guide is intended to help communities, groups, individuals and businesses understand, evaluate, and navigate the model options and pathways to develop a community energy system and how to use the group net metering rules successfully in NH.

You can download it here.

Welcome to NHSEA

New Energy for New Hampshire. NH has a unique opportunity to shift away from uncertain, polluting, and imported energy—right now. Instead, we can emphasize efficiency and fuel diversity through locally produced renewable energy, which increases local decision-making and the wealth of our businesses and families. Isn’t it time we took control over our energy choices, keeping billions of dollars in our state economy, and gaining greater authority over energy costs? With a sound and secure energy policy we can keep our local economies healthy, and minimize environmental risk. Read more about our action plan here.


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